What Was, No Longer Is


6 thoughts on “What Was, No Longer Is

  1. Amanda, I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. You can get the award logo from my post nominating you at:

    The awardโ€™s four rules are:
    1) Provide 11 facts about yourself.
    2) Answer 11 questions created by your nominating party (me).
    3) Nominate 11 blogs.
    4) Provide them with 11 questions of your own to answer.

    My eleven questions for you are:
    1) Where and how do you like to write?
    2) When did you start blogging?
    3) What motivates you to write?
    4) Do you consider yourself a disciplined writer? Why or why not?
    5) Are you an early bird or a night owl?
    6) Who is your greatest supporter?
    7) What do you consider your greatest triumph?
    8) What is your favorite memory?
    9) What do you do for fun?
    10) What adjective best describes you?
    11) What would be your ideal vacation?

  2. i find you interesting and alot to say and leave things on the table and don’t pull things off without putting it all down. checking you out
    and digging where you are all about.

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