Moderately Bad Things, Part 2

So, to return to my post as if I hadn’t left a fat juicy week in between: what, exactly, do I qualify as a Moderately Bad Thing?

In an effort not to ramble on endlessly, I’ll give the example that I thought of, when I was penning my (never posted) comment, on Facebook:

“Moderately Bad Things (i.e. things that, if you did it once, you could live with yourself afterwards, but probably not if you did it twice) are things like hurting an animal, in case you’re wondering. Like, people who think they can whack their dogs when they misbehave are, in my opinion, continually doing a Moderately Bad Thing (but because they do it so often, it becomes a Very Bad Thing). But I think, just once, I’d smack a poor little dog’s rump–hard!–if, afterwards, I could have hair just like yours (hers).”

As the girl I was about to say this to is, as far as I’m aware, a vegetarian by choice (as opposed to people who are intolerant to meat fats, or similar) I figured making that kind of statement could get me blocked. Which is not a huge deal, in a way. After all, I got blocked on Facebook just last week, for saying something less inflammatory and better-thought-out; that was my… 4th or 5th block, in the last year or so?… that I know of. Facebook blocking someone seems, to me, pointless and rather childish, but if people genuinely find me so offensive they cannot live with my disagreeing with them, well, they *should* block me. I’d hate to contribute to someone’s mental ill-health, especially if their emotions are so unstable they can be knocked off-kilter by an online acquaintance’s dissention… yeah, no, block me, by all means. But Hair Girl and myself belong to the same Facebook group, and it makes things awkward when people in there block me; I like to lurk and read threads, and that gets tricky and less fun when you realize you’re missing chunks of the conversation.

And also, it occurred to me; I think it might hurt people, to read something like that. Saying, “I think I would hit a dog/lose an arm/sell my house/etc” when you know you will *never* be asked to follow through seems okay to me, but… sometimes, I say things like that, and wind up blocked on Facebook/blanked at social functions/not invited to someone’s birthday party/etc. And since I don’t know where the line is, I just didn’t say anything, and liked the photo of her hair (which was gorgeous, and I don’t care if it was a humblebrag, she deserves to hear that her hair is nice and she did a good job cutting it) and moved on.

I mean, except for the 1,000 words I’ve written on the subject, all of which lead back to the same question… what is wrong with me/am I evil, for believing I would do a bad thing, for a relatively small pay-off? And for the fact that I have no real desire to *change* that, about myself?

Please, anyone, feel free to chime in; I would absolutely love either arguments or agreements. This is a fun topic.

But it makes other (normal? human?) people hella uncomfortable… right?


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