Mood Diary, from 22nd December 2014

Better, today. The weekend was good.

Good like a rollercoaster (up, down, touch the ground…) but good. Would I say it ended on a high note? More, it ended at a point where the highs had overtaken the lows, by a considerable margin.

The weekend always ends on a low note, though. Monday is the day everyone (except me) goes back to work, the kids usually go back to school (not this week, which I admit, does lift my mood from what it might otherwise be) and I’m just there, all alone in my aloneness.

I really am a bit pathetic this year, lol. Last year *I* had work to do, though. I had essays to write and chapters to read and tutorials to attend. This… gah. It’s not just loneliness, it’s idleness. I’m sure I used to *like* having nothing to do… maybe I’m getting more industrious as I age? More frightened by the ticking-clock sound of my own mortality, more like. 31 is not old, but it’s not young, either. And of all the things I set out to do, at the start of my adult life… well, no. I’m doing alright with some of them (she says, casting a fond eye at her children).

Of course, there’s always that novel I’m writing, as well. What’s stopping me from working on that, after all?


2 thoughts on “Mood Diary, from 22nd December 2014

    • Oooh, tricky question. My book is essentially about a woman whose high-risk behaviours get her into trouble, her struggle to improve, and her eventual acceptance of herself. Also, it is an exercise in creating a character that you want to hate, or at least dislike, who grows on you over time.

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