How’s It Hangin’?

This is just me, dropping by my own blog, trying to see if anyone even bothers to read it anymore… from what I gather, this blogging malarkey is intense and somewhat competitive, and an absence of *months* is generally not to be tolerated.

I say to you–along with all the other mothers who do this–it was the summer holidays. Anyone who can look after 2 (autistic) kids 5 days a week, for all the hours of the day and night, while the kids are off school, and still have time to update their blog regularly, is a better (more organized, anyway) person than I. I salute you; but I will not even attempt to emulate you. That way lies madness.

No, really. Trying to blog during this last summer… I mean… things got a little crazy anyway. My kids are wonderful; but I’m pretty sure *I’m* not, and I certainly wasn’t by the end of this summer. There was more than one day where I lost my temper over nothing, just because I hadn’t had enough alone time; my eternally patient partner, Douglas, was less than patient by the time I, for example, smashed a coffee cup because he emptied it (it had water in it; I was going to be USING the water, in just a little while; how could he throw away a third of a cup of WATER THAT I MIGHT BE ABOUT TO USE???). That was right at the end of the summer (as in, the kids were actually back at school, when I did that–yes, I mostly manage to contain my hmm-my-dad-IS-bipolar-should-I-be-concerned style rages to times when my kids are NOT present). I’m not proud that Douglas bears the brunt of my bat-shit crazy moments, but… I’ll admit to some small satisfaction, in not freaking my kids out with my crazy. Anyways, moving on.

Things are much more settled, now. I’m getting back into my old sleeping pattern, not that it’s a good one (it’s a quarter to 2 in the morning; I’ll probably get 3 hours of sleep tonight, and another 3 or 4 tomorrow while the kids are at school); the kids are actually in a better routine than they’ve enjoyed in years (2 nights this week, they’ve been asleep before midnight–I don’t even have the words); and Douglas is… well… he works too much, but hey, someone’s got to bring home the proverbial bacon. It’s not likely to be me, is it? I didn’t even manage to sign up for university, this year.

And more on that later, I’m sure… for now, I’m off to either daydream about OR actually write, some stuff (another endless novel attempt… my 15th attempt or so, since I was, well, 15 or so?). Wish me luck, send me good vibes, tell me to get stuffed and write the damn thing, whatever you like 🙂 for now, I’m back in business, ish.


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