Another Bit of Random Poetry

Written only a couple of days after my last entry, this poem is only now being published, because… well… home improvements. That says it all, but if I could add one more sentence, it would be this:

Improving my home, the builders may be; improving my mood, they are not!

Anyways, getting on with it, I have another nameless poem, today. I’m less sure about this one, somehow, but I wouldn’t like to post the Naomi poem, and not post the one about her brother, so… enjoy!

Untitled 2:

Gabriel breaks like a bolt of light, he knocks things over and that’s alright.
He flits and flees without a care, eyes half-hidden by tousled hair.
His laugh rings out as he reaches the top–of what?–who knows, but he’ll never stop!
Energy boundless, if imprecise, he won’t do once what can be done twice!

And where silence once reigned, now chatter abounds, and my ears rejoice at the waves of sound;
If he sees it, he says it, taking delight in my affirmations each time he’s right,
And when he’s wrong he only laughs–no shame for my boy, if he makes a gaffe!
Uninterrupted, words spring from the source, his voice like his soul an unstoppable force.

Gabe’s gleaming and golden and gorgeous and loud, like a little lion cub, he’s proud
of himself and the world and all those within–you’ve won if you’ve started, according to him!
A natural cheerleader, he’ll help you along (provided you dance to the beat of his song!),
Made of light and sound and endless joy, he’s my right-hand man, my baby boy.


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