On… Sabbatical?

I’m not, of course. This isn’t, like, a job, or better yet, a career, in which I hold some sort of tenured position. I don’t get to take a break, and come back to find anything waiting for me.

But you get the idea. I’ve taken a few days, and I may take a couple more. Just a few days, to get a grip on myself, as it were…

I’m off to take my fucking meds, now.


2 thoughts on “On… Sabbatical?

    • Right? SO not the kind of game I *like* to play. It would be much, much better if taking my pills meant that I suddenly gained the ability to fly, or shoot fireballs from my hands, or charm animal friends and talk with them, etc etc.

      Although I think those pills are called “drugs”. Lol.

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