What I’d Be Without You

So, I said a little something about Naomi–I figure it’s time to say something about Gabriel. I had a lot to think about, because there’s a lot to tell, but I finally went with this: I would be lost without him.

He is incredibly moody, some days, and he has far more energy than any adult in their right mind can keep up with. As I’m occasionally NOT in my right mind, I do okay, chasing him down and tickling him into submission and cajoling him into showing me his happy face again, but it IS work.

The most worthwhile work of my life, raising Gabey and his sister.

Today, he slapped my tummy. Not that hard, and out of high-spiritedness, not spite (he’s nearly 6, he gets excited, he flails, it happens) and I asked for a kiss to make it better. So he leaned up, kissed my tummy, ran over to his stepdad, kissed *his* leg (so he wouldn’t feel left out, presumably–Gabe cares that everyone gets their turn/chance/etc) and then, for good measure, he ran over to me and kissed me again. When I told him he was my good boy, he flashed me a grin that would launch a thousand ships and said, “YES, Mummy!” in his funny little posh Ameri-British accent.

Then I handed him something, a drink maybe, and he said warmly, with great enthusiam, “Oh! Thank you so much.”

I swear by all the gods that ever were, I am raising him right; and he is worth every precious second of my time and energy.


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