While My Naomi Gently Sleeps

I wrote this nearly a year ago, and never posted it. As it is still relevant, as my girl still prefers non-verbal communication and her own agenda, most of the time, I’ll post it now.

These are the things that make my life worth living. Just sayin’.

Life with Naomi and Gabey has it’s ups and downs, but some of the best ups are the firsts that come later than expected, but are all the sweeter for it. After 7 years and hundreds of songs and 2 toddlers, neither of whom wanted to hear my singing voice at all, I have just sung my daughter to sleep for the first time ever. I sang Brahms’ Lullabye (Guten Ah Bend Gut Nacht) as taught to me in a highschool chorus a thousand miles away (and as many years ago, or so it feels).

There is something beautiful about using a German lullabye–for which neither one of us understands the words–to bridge the chasm of silence and misunderstanding that has so often stretched between my daughter and my own heart.


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