____ Was Naomi/Gabriel

Maybe I’m a loser–it’s entirely possible–but today, my fella and I had a brilliant discussion at lunch, regarding which skill my kids would inspire, in the Guild Wars universe. If you’re not a fan of MMORPGs, or just not that one (or have moved on to GW2 ahead of us) feel free not to read this. If you’re curious at this point, though, you’re probably my kind of people.

Anyways, the skills.

My daughter was, in a way, easiest. We decided we’d call her skill “Force of Naomi” and it would play out as follows:

Attribute Strength,
Melee Attack,
Causes knockdown to all moving, dazed, or attacking foes adjacent to target.
50% chance of bleeding, dazed, blind, or crippled (duration dependent on Strength level, obviously).

For my son, we had to think a bit harder. The name was simple, obvious even, but the attribute was trickier. In the end, we went with “Defiant Was Gabriel”:

Attribute Spawning,
When summoned, 25% chance of knockdown to all nearby foes.
Blocks all attacks (for a duration dependent, obviously, on Spawning level).
Causes 75% slowdown to foes, 25% slowdown to allies, within earshot.

That last word, in either description, pretty much sums up my kids. The discussion itself was based on our outing today–IKEA has never seen our like, nor ever will again, I’m sure–and all I can say is, I’m glad they’re still small enough to physically pick up and move.

I might start calling them, “Force” and “Defiant” just for kicks.


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