Have you ever been called a weirdo? I have.

Mind you, the last time it happened, I can only see it as a compliment. Here’s how it played out:

I began following the blog of someone I “met” on Facebook. She seemed nice enough, if a bit silly. You know what I mean. She’d post about clean living and only eating vegetarian, organic food, and then stick up pics of herself having 3 slabs of bacon, 3 chocolates, and lattés all day (and nothing else, because Calories). I remember one HILARIOUS blog entry where she ate a bowl of cornflakes, and posted that, “They tasted like shame”. Pants-pissingly funny, right?  But I tried to leave supportive comments on her blog, I think I shared a couple of her better entries, y’know, things like that.  I was laughing at her privately, but supporting her publicly… and I couldn’t help the laughing.

But one day, she posts this entry about how she’s not been spending enough time at the gym, she’s eaten 1/12th of a take-out meal like TWICE in the last month (or whatever) and so, she breaks up with her boyfriend via the post. I believe the end went something like, “In the battle of man vs. food, food won”.

Odd ending, not least of all because she was ditching the guy so she could eat LESS. I suppose she just thought it sounded catchy.

But me, I was horrified. At this point, she’d gone from someone I was chatting to a couple of times a week, to someone who literally NEVER responded to my comments on her blog, so I just thought, screw it, I’ll do what I perceive to be the right thing, here. So I sent a FB message to her fella, saying something like, “Jeez that’s harsh, dumped by blog, ouch, if you wanna talk about it, loads of us know the story and would probably be happy to listen”.

Within an hour or 2, I get a message from her, demanding to know what I was doing, why I’d contacted her boyfriend (not ex, mind you) and essentially telling me to mind my own business. In the end, it turned out she hadn’t broken up with him at all–not only was her blog post poorly named, it was actually completely fictional. They were still together, and he had NO IDEA she’d written anything like that… she’d just added this dramatic post to her “totally honest, warts and all” blog because, well, BORED.

This culminated in me being called a weirdo and her blocking me from Facebook. I suppose some might find it weird, to extend sympathy to someone in a “romantic” relationship who’s evidently being used as a social media prop (but who, in fairness, I didn’t actually know)… weird I may be, but I’ll tell you what.

Things I post here will either be clearly fictional, or things that actually happened.


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